Achter de Sterren
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bed & breakfast achter de sterren, eigen huisje met tuin, terras
Are you planning to visit 's-Hertogenbosch for business, a course or congress? B&B Achter de Sterren is a quiet and comfortable place where you will feel at ease immediately. Coming home after a busy day in a comfortable own house in the city center of Den Bosch. Your accommodation has a private terrace and entrance.
Read more about the accommodation. b&b eigen huisje in idyllische tuin

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B&B Achter de Sterren | Vughterstraat 242 | 5211 GP ’s-Hertogenbosch | Nederland
tel. +31 (0)6 13 43 99 81 | e-mail achterdesterren@kpnmail.nl
KvK nr. 52466841 | BTW nr. NL 093352001 B01